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  • Group name: 엠씨 더 맥스 / M.C. the Max
  • Also known as: Moon Child the Max
  • Talent agency: Music & New and Vitamin Entertainment (비타민엔터테인먼트)
  • Debut Album: year 2002, the 1st Album was ‘M.C.TheMax!’


Former Members


KPOP Chart 

Billboard KPOP Weekly Chart : “After You’ve gone” was ranked #1 for the week of Jan, 19, 2019

After three years of absence, they’re back with their 9th album, ‘M.C the MAX’! The album, titled [Circular], was inspired by imagining a circular glacial crack on a vast ice field. The crack means imperfection and just as the glacier circulates smoothly after crack fills up, it is meant to express the wounds and recovery of emotions that we felt when we live and love.

  • Song: After You’ve Gone(넘쳐흘러)
  • Artist: M.C the MAX(엠씨더맥스)
  • Album: Circular

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