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Teen Top (Hangul: 틴탑) is a South Korean boy band formed by TOP Media in 2010. The group is composed of five members: C.A.P, Chunji, Niel, Ricky and Changjo. Originally a six-piece group (with L.Joe, filing for contract termination in February 2017), Teen Top debuted with their first single album Come into the World on July 9, 2010.




  • L.Joe


Main article: Teen Top discography

Concerts and tours

  • Teen Top 1st Concert In Japan (2012)
  • Teen Top 1st European Tour “Teen Top Show!” (2013)
  • Teen Top 1st Asia Tour Concert (2013)
  • Teen Top Summer Special Concert (2013)
  • Teen Top Zepp Tour “Fly Hight” (2013)
  • Teen Top 1st World Tour “High Kick” (2014)
  • Teen Top 5th Anniversary Concert (2015)
  • Teen Top 1st US Live Tour “Red Point” (2016)
  • Teen Top Concert “Put Your Teen Top 7” (2017)
  • Teen Top 2nd US Tour “Night in USA” (2018)


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