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D-Crunch (Hangul: 디크런치) is a South Korean idol group formed by All-S Company in Seoul, South Korea. The group debuted on August 6, 2018, with the single album 0806. It followed up with its first mini-album M1112 (4colors) on November 12, 2018. The group consists of rappers O.V, Hyunho, Minhyuk, Chanyoung, Jungseung, and Dylan, and vocalists Hyunwook, Hyunoh, and Hyunwoo.


List of members and roles.

  • O.V – leader, rap
  • Hyunwook (현욱) – leader, main vocals
  • Hyunho (현호) – rap
  • Hyunoh (현오) – vocals
  • Hyunwoo (현우) – vocals
  • Minhyuk (민혁) – rap
  • Chanyoung (찬영) – rap
  • Jungseung (정승) – rap
  • Dylan (딜란) – rap

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