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Noir (Hangul: 느와르) is a South Korean boy band formed by Luk Factory in Seoul.[ The group debuted on April 9, 2018 with the album Twenty’s Noir.[ Their first official music video was for the track “Gangsta”.


Adapted from the official website.

  • Shin Seunghoon (신승훈) – Leader, vocalist, rapper
  • Kim Yeonkuk (김연국) – Vocalist
  • Lee Junyong (이준용) – Vocalist
  • Nam Yunsung (남윤성) – Vocalist, rapper
  • Kim Siheon (김시헌) – Vocalist
  • Ryu Hoyeon (유호연) – Rapper, dancer
  • Yang Siha (양시하) – Vocalist
  • Kim Minhyuk (김민혁) – Rapper, dancer
  • Kim Daewon (김대원) – Vocalist, dancer, maknae (youngest member)

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