BTS, No Grammy? Maybe Due To Racism…

The KPOP group, BTS has been excluded from the 62nd Grammy Awards nomination for the US pop music award ceremony. This is rather confirming their big influence among world wide fans..

This is because criticism about the US Academy of Records and Arts Academy (NARAS), which runs the Grammy Awards locally, are flooding.  

Forbes, a US economic expert, criticized the Grammy Awards nomination BTS in the article.

In light of the exclusion of BTS, this year’s nomination for Grammy Awards was the most serious mistake of recent records. “Grammy’s racism is no secret already. Only 10 black artists in 61 years of history have received this year’s album award.”

It says “Most of all, the Grammy Awards reveal a cultural blind spot and still be buried in one direction. Non-white musicians have been treated in other genre categories, such as R & B or rap. Industrial political logic and populism make old-fashioned decisions.”

BTS also missed expectations that BTS would be nominated for “Best Pop Duo / Group Performance” and “Best World Music Album,” even if BTS was not in a major category such as “This Year’s Record.”  

Grammy Awards, along with the American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards, is one of the top three American music awards. Of the three awards, this is the one the musical authority mostly recognizes.

Earlier, BTS won the American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards drawing attention to the achievement of the American Popular Music Awards, Grand Slam

BTS was brilliant this year and the nomination was carefully watched this time. The album “Map of the Soul: Persona” was third Number 1 in the “Billboard 200” and attracted more than 2 million people on a world tour.

Last year, BTS participated for the first time as a Korean singer at an event hosted by the Grammy Museum and attended the Grammy Awards earlier this year. BTS was also selected to be a member of the American Academy of Records Arts and Sciences, hosting the Grammy Awards.

The conservative Grammy Awards, however, finally showed reluctance to open the door to BTS.

The Grammy Awards, regarded as a conservative “last bastion” of American pop music, have traditionally been stingy with the music unless white is mainstream. It was criticized for neglecting black music such as hip hop.

For example, hip-hop singer Jay-Z, who was thoroughly excluded last year, and Beyonce, who was a wife of Jay-Z, made a hand-made Master piece album called ‘Lemonade’. They could not win any major awards because of Adel.

As BTS has not been nominated for any of the 84 categories in the Grammy Awards, it is still unable to remove conservative colors.

Rolling Stone, a US music media, wrote that BTS was not a candidate for Grammy Awards. In particular, the magazine pointed out that the Grammy Awards did not recognize K-Pop, which is in stark contrast to the current music industry market.

CNN, the Los Angeles Times, and other medias said, “The fans of BTS have been angry after Grammy excluded BTS.”

American pop star Halsey, featuring BTS’s album “Map of the Soul: Persona,” the title song “Poems for Little Things,” wrote on Twitter: “But it’s no surprise that BTS is not recognized. The United States is far behind. However, the time is coming. ”

However, as Halsey puts it, as BTS has already entered the mainstream of the world’s pop market, the expectation is that it will soon be awarded a Grammy Award nomination. An official of Korea’s overseas pop performance said, “There is an atmosphere that guards against the popularity of BTS, but the reaction to BTS is so explosive that the day will come when even the Fort Knox of conservatism of Grammy will collapse.”

Meanwhile, the 62nd Grammy Awards will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on January 26 next year.

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