BTS, the first Korean singer to win the Billboard single …. new history in K-pop

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Group BTS ranked first on the US Billboard’s main single chart, ‘Hot 100’.

On the 31st (local time), Billboard posted an article titled “BTS, their first Billboard Hot 100 Top” as’Dynamite’ on the official website.

In this article, Billboard said, “As BTS’ digital single’Dynamite’ first entered the latest chart of’Hot 100′, BTS became the first Korean singer to reach the top of the’Hot 100′ chart.”

At the same time, “BTS ranked 4th in’Hot 100′ with the title song’ON’ of the 4th regular album’MAP OF THE SOUL: 7′ on the Billboard chart on March 7, followed by ‘Dynamite’.

Billboard also congratulated BTS for the first place in the’Hot 100′, saying, “The explosive start of “dynamite”.

‘Hot 100’ is Billboard’s main chart, which aggregates the ranking of singles by combining the number of streaming, radio broadcasts, and music sales.

With this, BTS became the first Korean singer to reach the top of the “Hot 100,” and at the same time, wrote a new history of being the first Korean singer to win first place in the “Hot 100” following the “Billboard 200”, another main chart of Billboard.

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