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BTS’s Billboard #1 Overseas Reaction “Supergroup has proved a new standard (new normal)”


BTS’ ‘Dynamite’ took first place for two weeks in a row on the US Billboard’s main single chart “Hot 100” released on the 8th (local time). The media were surprised to see the top of the two major BTS charts (album chart’Billboard 200′ and single chart’Hot 100′) with the 43rd song’Dynamite’, which debuted at No. 1 in’Hot 100′.


The American economic magazine Forbes said, “The chart occupation of BTS proves the New Normal (a new standard). Thanks to the growing fandom, BTS can continue to be popular for a long time.” In addition, “BTS reached first place in the’Hot 100′ last week, crossing the last line of superstars, and strengthening vitality by keeping the crown for the second week,” raising expectations of No. 1 for three consecutive weeks. “USA Today” contains an interview with BTS’ leader, RM, and “The goal of “dynamite” is really simple. It is exploring the world with a positive atmosphere and energy. We have gone through all the sadness and despair, but through this song and performance, we only hope the world is more positive.

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The media also welcomed, “BTS set another important milestone by being number one in this supergroup’s ‘Hot 100’ chart.” “New York Daily News” reported that “BTS of “dynamite” caused an explosion of money.” “Seven members received 68385 shares of common stock from “Big Hit Entertainment” (hereinafter referred to as Big Hit), a company they signed with last month, citing a Reuters report. CEO Bang Si-hyuk said, “We gave stocks to strengthen long-term partnerships with major artists and boost morale.”

The news of 《NBC》 said, “These members can each take 7.7 million dollars.” BTS accounted for over 87% of’Big Hit’ sales in the first half of 2020, and over 97% last year.

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