BTS swept 6 crowns… Rookie of the Year is Espa and Hyphen [Gaon Chart Music Awards Summary]

The group BTS received the honor of receiving 6 crowns.

On the afternoon of the 13th, the 10th “Gaon Chart Music Awards” was held in an on-contact format through YouTube and Mnet.

On this day, BTS won the Singer of the Year Award in the Digital Sound Source category in February, August, November and the Artist of the Year Award in the Physical Album category in the first and fourth quarters.

Also, BTS won the Retail Album of the Year award. BTS, who won 6 crowns, expressed their love for ARMY and expressed their gratitude.

V continued, “Thank you to the people involved for giving us a meaningful award. Thank you to the ARMYs who listened to our song this year,” he said. Jimin said, “The good news is that the Gaon Chart Awards celebrated their 10th anniversary. Congratulations,” Jin said, “I hope you look forward to the stage that BTS will show in the future.”

Meanwhile, the Rookie Award went to Espa (in the digital sound source category) and Nhyphen (in the physical album category). Discovery of the Year award youngtak, long run source of the Year Award honored for this award, including IU.

This year’s “Gaon Chart Music Awards” was held in a way that singers did not perform performances, but only awards ceremony for them to prevent the spread of Corona 19. Only MCs were present in the studio to announce the winners, and the winners’ impressions were revealed through a video taken in advance.

The following is a list of winners of the ’10th Gaon Chart Music Awards’

▲ Singer of the Year (digital music sector) = Red Velvet (12 May), Zico (January), Bulletproof Boy Scouts (February), MC The Max (March), Oh My Girl (April), IU (May) , Black Pink (June), Zico (July), BTS (August), Chung

ha/Christopher (September), Black Pink (October), BTS (November)

▲ Singer of the Year (physical album category) = BTS (Q1), Baekhyun (Q2), Seventeen (Q3), BTS (Q4)

▲ Album Production of the Year = Changmo & Mbit Music

▲ Retail Album of the Year Award = BTS

▲ = the long run source of IU year

▲ Rookie of the Year Award = Espa (digital sound source), Nhyphen (physical album)

▲ World Rookie of the Year Award = ITZY

▲ Social Hot Star of the Year Award = Black Pink

▲ Discovery of the Year = Young Tak

▲ Hot Performance Award of the Year = IZone, Stray Kids

▲ Performer of the Year Award = Young (Performance Division), Creese (Chorus Division)

▲ Composer of the Year Award = Pop Time

▲ Lyricist of the Year = IU

▲ Style of the Year Award = Son Seong-deuk (Careerography), Kim Balko and Park Min-hee (Stylist)

▲ Popular Singer of the Year = Hwang In-wook

▲ Top Kit Seller Award of the Year = NCT

▲ World Hallyu Star Award = NCT

▲ K-Pop Contribution Award = Lee Soo-man

▲ Mubit Global Choice Award = Black Pink, Lim Young-woong

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