New K-POP Boy Band P1Harmony, first fan meeting V live broadcast 300,000 viewers, 23 million hearts

New K-POP Boy Group P1Harmony (Kiho Theo Jiwoong Intak Soul Jongseop) warmed up the homes of global fans through their first online fan meeting.

On the 10th, P1uspace H: Get Together held an online fan meeting, “P1uspace H: Get Together,” through Naver V Live, and had a time to communicate with fans. The first online fan meeting held in about two months after debut was watched by fans from a total of 136 countries and recorded the highest number of viewers in the United States. The live broadcast exceeded about 300,000 viewers and received 23 million hearts, proving the unusual growth rate of P1Harmony.

At this day’s fan meeting with the theme of a hidden space with fans, P1Harmony filled about two hours from the talk that answered the fans’ curiosity and the game time to the performance that revealed the aspect of “Stage Hero”.

Symbol selected pop star John Legend’s ‘All of me’ to provide a sweet live, and Theo and Jong-seop released the stage of OST ‘Alone’ inserted in the worldview movie ‘P1H: The Beginning of a New World’. The atmosphere continued. Jiwoong, Intag, and Soul gave a deep resonance to viewers with a performance created with the message that they will walk steadfastly in any situation in connection with the line in the movie “All the cool people are crazy.”

In addition, P1Harmony unfolds the debut song ‘SIREN’ and the sub-song ‘Nemonade’, as well as the included track ‘Butterfly’ and ‘That’s it”. It also gave the fans time to feel.

At the end of the fan meeting, Intak said, “I was surprised and thankful that so many people watched the fan meeting. “It’s our first fan meeting, so it’s meaningful and more meaningful.”

P1Harmony is a 6-member male dance group that released their debut album “DISHARMONY: STAND OUT” in October and debuted with the intense hip-hop dance song “SIREN”. Even after its debut, it is actively working with the art collaboration project ‘MIX HARMONY. On the 13th, the first episode of live mission content ‘Harmonission’, created with fans through the P1Harmony YouTube channel, will be released to communicate with fans.

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