G-Dragon and Jenny, excessive interest in privacy is poison… The global excitement of the ‘love story’

Group BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and girl group Black Pink Jenny’s dating rumors are getting hot attention. It is a group that leads the Korean Wave, and as the brands ‘G-Dragon’ and ‘Jenny’ have great influence, the temperature of interest is also hot.

On the 24th, a rumor was raised between G-Dragon and Jenny. One media reported that G-Dragon and Jenny have been dating for the first year, and have developed into a relationship between seniors and juniors at the agency and are on a secret date.

G-Dragon, who debuted with the group Big Bang in 2006, and Jenny, who debuted as the girl group Black Pink in 2016, are continuing musical exchanges through participation in featuring, among the same YG Entertainment seniors and juniors.

Jenny participated in the music video of G-Dragon’s solo album’That XX’ in 2012 and the title track of G-Dragon’s 2nd regular album in 2013,’Black’. They have continued their relationship by standing on the stage of music broadcasting together.

G-Dragon also cheered for Jenny, who is active as Black Pink. It was a surprise visit to the filming site of the music video for the title song ‘Love Sik Girl’, which was released last year by Black Pink’s first studio album. In particular, G-Dragon, who was in the recording studio when Jenny performed her first SNS live last year, drew attention.

G-Dragon and Jenny, who led the global popularity of K-pop by continuing exchanges and receiving musical inspiration. As the influence is so great, attention is being paid to the two people’s “love rumors”.

In response, YG Entertainment said, “It is difficult for the company to confirm the artist’s personal privacy. We ask for your understanding.”

Devotees are only a matter of two people. Excessive invasion of privacy is only poison rather than interest.

Recently, G-Dragon delivered the news of his comeback and is concentrating on the album. It is the first album to be released after completing military service, and it is expected to be the first step in the future of G-Dragon, so public attention is focused.

Jenny is also continuing her activities after successfully completing the Black Pink livestream concert’The Show’. It is Black Pink, which is attracting attention not only domestically but also globally, and as it showed a strong influence as a solo album, the future moves are attracting attention.

As such, premature speculation or invasion of privacy about G-Dragon and Jenny, who are leading global K-pop, are not cheering, but poison. It’s not a time to get too much interest in G-Dragon and Jenny’s private life, but a time to cheer.

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