kbs music bank kpop weekly chart

KBS’s Music Bank Kpop Weekly Ranking

The 4th Week of April, 2019

(Data collected between 2019.4.15 ~ 2019.4.21)

2. [잔나비] ‘주저하는 연인들을 위해’ “For Hesitant lovers”
7. “Slow with you”
23. 김연자(Kim Yeon Ja) – 아모르 파티, Amor Fati (Original)
37. 엠씨더맥스(M.C The Max) – 사계(하루살이)  Four Seasons (Daily Living)
49. HONG JINYOUNG(홍진영) _ Love Tonight(오늘 밤에)

The 2nd Week of March, 2019

(Go To Melon’s chart to listen the songs)

3월 2주 뮤직뱅크 <k-차트> 순위 세부 사항입니다.

(집계기간: 2019.2.25 ~ 2019.3.3)

*뮤직뱅크 k-차트 집계 방식

디지털 음원 65% + 음반판매 5% + 방송횟수 20%+ 시청자 선호도 조사 10%

Digital Source 65% + CD 5% + BroadCast 20% + Audience Preference 10%

The 1st week of Jan, 2019.

K-Chart is provided by the Music Bank of Korean Broadcasting Service (KBS).

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