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SBS’s Inkigayo Kpop Weekly Chart

SBS is one of the major broad casting companies in Korea.

The InKigayo (인기가요) Show means the “POPULAR SONGS” show, which is broadcasted every Sunday afternoon by SBS TV.

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Here is SBS’s KPOP Weekly chart for the Last week of May in 2019.

The Last week of May in 2019.

(집계기간 : 5월 13일 – 5월 20일까지)

6. 임재현
12. 잔나비 (Jan Nah Bee)
21. 다비치

The 3rd week of May in 2019.

2. 박효신 ( Park Hyo Shin)
8. 장범준 (Jang Beum Joon) – 노래방에서 (Reading as “NoRaeBangEhSeo”, meaning “In Karaoke Room”)
19. 민현 (Min Hyun)

The 2nd week of May in 2019.

The First week of May in 2019.

(4월 22일 – 4월 29일까지)

The last week of April in 2019.

6. BTS
7. 장범준 – Jang Bum Joon (title of song: In the Karaoke)
14. MaMaMoo
22. Lee SoRa

The 3rd week of April in 2019.

4월 8일 – 4월 15일까지 Data collected between 4/8-4/15

2. BOL4(볼빨간사춘기) _ Bom(나만, 봄) (Meaning “Spring, Only for me”)
Chen’s Song title meaning “Don’t leave me by April”
5. 볼빨간사춘기 (BOL4) – 별 보러 갈래? (Stars over me) 
10. N.Flying(엔플라잉) _ Rooftop(옥탑방)

25. 버스커 버스커 (Busker Busker) – 벚꽃 엔딩 (Cherry Blossom Ending)

The 2nd week of April in 2019.

The 1st week of Jan in 2019.

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